A Tip From Leicester 4D Baby Scan Clinic: Don’t Smoke In Pregnancy

Smoking is injurious to health.”

We have heard these few words practically all our life. But how much effect it has had on people there is nothing much to say on that. But smoking during pregnancy, that has a lot more devastating effect on both the mother and the baby. So, it’s being advised by 4D baby scan clinic in Leicester that if you are a smoker, stop smoking as soon as you confirm your pregnancy.

Smoking contains 4000 health-damaging particles. When it burns it turns into 7000 particles. Including hundred of cancer particles, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide. These are all entering into your body and your baby’s body. Smoking coagulates the blood vessels and reduces the blood flow in our entire body. While smoking, your body cannot form oxygen properly, and during your pregnancy, it is difficult to form oxygen in your baby’s body also. Let’s find out the dangerous effects of smoking during pregnancy.

Window To the Womb Leiceter

Affects Growth And Development

One single cigarette can hamper your pregnancy. While smoking, your body fails to create oxygen as well as the baby’s body. It has been observed by 4D baby scan clinics in Leicester that a scarcity of oxygen can impede on your baby’s growth and development. Smoking during pregnancy can increment the chance of too early birth and stillbirth.

Stunts The Weight

For an active smoker, smoking reduces the weight of the baby and make a baby’s weight lighter day by day. Many women gave birth to a smaller baby due to their smoking habit.

Affects Baby’s Size And Lungs

Smoking during pregnancy, there is a chance of giving birth to an underweight and undeveloped baby. Sometimes it is seen their lungs are not properly made to breath. Those baby’s need a respirator for breathing properly. At their young age, it is seen that they continue to have breathing problems and tend to have Asthma.

Harmful For The Child’s Brain

Pregnant women, who smoke actively there is a chance of less brain development in their baby’s. Children of pregnant smokers are likely to have lower IQ levels than others, including learning disorders and complications in behaviours.

After everything, it’s not too late for you and your baby. Sometimes medications help to quit smoking, otherwise, you need to take a step on your own. Consult with your doctor for medications. Try to make it stop, when you are in your first trimester. By the time you go for your first visit to 4D baby scan clinic in Leicester, you must quit this habit by any means.

Important Facts To Know About Gender Scan Clinic In Leicester

Pregnancy is the beginning of an exciting journey for both you and your entire family. Every member would be curious to know whether it’s going to be a Baby Pink or Baby Blue. It becomes easy for the mothers to be prepare herself for the arrival. Leicester gender scan clinics provide gender accuracy up to 99% with its expertise and well-trained staffs. Still, the accuracy of the ultrasound depends on several factors.

If you want to get accurate gender confirmation, you can visit a gender scan clinic only after the 16th week of your pregnancy. This is when the baby’s genitals are fully formed and is visible on the scan. Even though it might differ a bit from case to case mostly, it is more accurate after the 20th week of pregnancy.

The position of the baby helps to get a better view of gender. If the baby is in the right position, it does not take more than 5 minutes to check the sex. If it is not, then the mother is asked to take a small stroll to keep the fetus moving and then rescan. In the case of twins or triplets, babies could hide their siblings making it difficult to determine each baby’s sex.

Fetus determination becomes difficult in case of an obese or overweight mother. The additional weight makes it difficult to get a clear image of the baby. Other factors might be considered if the patient is suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or any other illness, and size of the uterus.

The accuracy of the ultra scan increases as gestational age advances and the result varies on a case to case basis. Leicester gender scan clinics continue to make the dream come true of future parents through a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment.

Getting a gender scan will definitely create a special bond with your little one who is not born yet. It is always a delight to watch the small moves and other cute little activities that your baby might do inside the womb.

So, you can easily make it the most precious moment of a parent-child relationship by visiting the gender scan clinic in Leicester.

Other than the fact that it will help you bond with the baby you can also start your preparation of the baby’s room or start buying things for him or her without any delay. So, visit a gender scan clinic today.

Avoid The Threat Of Preeclampsia With The Help Of These Ways

There are many types of complications and problems that come along with pregnancy that can be mostly detected with the help of a baby scan clinic. But why even let that problem occur if you can prevent it beforehand. One such complication is preeclampsia. This is a very serious disorder for the pregnant mother. It is related to the blood pressure so it can damage some important organs, including, brain, kidney, and liver. Granted you can not always stop any complications from ever occurring but you can certainly take some measures.

The best way is to keep a close eye on the development of the baby. Schedule your prenatal visits in a reputed baby scan clinic and don’t miss any of the doctor’s appointments. Your doctor will check your blood pressure and any other signs of preeclampsia. Throughout your pregnancy, your doctor will check:

  • Your blood pressure
  • Your blood
  • Levels of protein in your urine
  • How your baby is growing and gaining weight

Track your weight and blood pressure. Be sure to tell your doctor at your first appointment, if you had high blood pressure before you were pregnant. Keep a close track of your weight and blood pressure as recommended by your doctor.

Blood pressure is the main cause of preeclampsia. To help ease your blood pressure, your doctor may recommend taking extra calcium or aspirin, or lying on your left side when you rest. Maintain a healthy diet to lower blood pressure. Less intake of salty foods and potassium-rich foods are advised by doctors. Fresh food, mostly leafy ones are very good for the overall health of a pregnant woman at this stage. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration and fatigue. Avoid caffeine or alcohol consumption.

Doctors and researchers say that maintaining healthy body weight is very important for a mother to be. By taking the right amount of nutrients and exercise, they can maintain the same. BMI should remain within 19-25 in order to avoid this situation. It will definitely lower the chances of any complexities during pregnancy.

Regular exercise is extremely beneficiary for a pregnant woman. It will help to keep the body healthy and will prevent from gaining extra weight. So, moderate exercise is always advisable during pregnancy.

Regularly visit the doctor for follow-up checkups. Keep track of both the baby’s and your health with the help of a baby scan clinic. This helps to reduce the tendency of developing Preeclampsia.

4 Pregnancy Myths And Facts You Should Be Aware Of

There are so many dos and don’ts you hear once you become pregnant. Some of them are necessary like getting a prenatal scan from a 4D baby scan clinic. But a lot of things are such that there are no scientific proofs that they are good or harmful for health. A lot of them are myths that pregnant woman tends to believe. Today we are going to break some of
those myths and give the facts to you.

Myth 1: Eat three healthy meals a day

Fact 1: If your family and friends are advising you to only eat healthy foods three times a day, then don’t just take their words for it. Doctors says that you can have at least 5-6 meals per day throughout the day in small portions. Eating frequently and from various food groups will keep your blood sugar in a constant range, which is healthy for you and your baby.

Myth 2: Stick to Decaf only

Fact 2: It is true that coffee has so much caffeine that it can harm the baby if taken regularly. Even some teas have this high quantity of caffeine too. You must have heard this that once you are pregnant you will have to switch to decaf but that’s not true. You don’t have to ‘cold turkey’ caffeine overnight especially if you drink 5-6 cups a day. You can gradually switch completely to decaf. Only one cup of coffee or tea is not going to be harmful to your baby.

Myth 3: Skip the gym

Fact 3: This was all old sayings that once you are pregnant you shouldn’t strain much. Maybe earlier that used to be true but now with the help of 4D baby scan clinic, the exact problems can be detected and treated. So the doctors say that it is okay if you want to go to the gym. Of course, we won’t recommend doing the heavy lifting which can cause miscarriages but you can definitely do some light exercises.

Myth 4: Ditch the hair dye

Fact 4: There are some theories that the chemicals used in hair dyes can be harmful for the baby but it is also just a theory. Nothing have been proven yet. So just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you need to stop looking good. So, you can wait till the first trimester is over as that is most risky time for the baby and then use the hair dye.

These things are very common day-to-day life things which are never easy to just give up or keep following. So know which advices are coming off as a myth and which are real. Ask your doctor or 4D baby scan clinic on all the doubts you might have.

Natural Ways To Induce Labor If You Are Late

Labor is one of the overwhelming and painful experiences in the pregnancy. You get to prepare for that day throughout your pregnancy. But even then you might feel both nervous and excited on this day. Nowadays, baby scan clinics have become very advanced to detect the exact date of delivery. But sometimes for some pregnancy complications, your due date can delay than predicted. Here we have mentioned some natural ways that can help induce labor.

Long walk

When you walk, it makes you stay upright, which helps in pushing your baby towards the cervix. It also helps in correcting your baby’s position. If you are already having contraction but not in labor yet, walking will induce your labor more quickly. Also, walking eases the pain felt during contractions.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

It is a type of herbal tea that helps induce labor and is high in vitamins, minerals, and tannins. It helps tone the muscles of your womb inducing labor naturally. However, too much intake of raspberry leaf tea can induce heavy contraction pain. Also, it is recommended not to start drinking this tea suddenly, if you are late. It is better to start drinking this tea when you are 32 weeks pregnant, at first 1 time a day and then gradually 3 times a day. This helps your body adjust to the side effects of this tea. Also, there are some conditions in which you should not drink this tea. If you had a cesarean delivery before or you are going to have cesarean due to some pregnancy complications, have high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia, giving multiple births, etc it is best not to drink this tea.


A few specialists suggest that acupressure massage can induce labor. But it is important that if you are applying acupressure, you should consult your specialist first and get well guidance over what to do and where to apply pressure, even then it is best to not do it yourself. Even if acupressure doesn’t work to induce labor, it is still a great way to ease the pain of contractions and relaxes your muscles.


Also known as Needle therapy, it is a treatment that includes a specialist pinpointing some pressure points using needles. It helps to control and manage the pain and help you unwind. There is some logical proof that recommends needle therapy can prompt labor normally. Acupuncture is safe for pregnant women but it is better to consult your midwife before. If you would like to attempt it, ensure your acupuncturist is completely qualified and that they use disposable needles at each treatment session.

Although being late is nothing to be worried about but if you are late by a week or more, you can visit your baby scan clinic to know more about your situation. If the doctor recommends, you can use these methods to induce labor.

5 Yoga Poses To Do During Pregnancy

Very recently, the whole world observed International Yoga Day. Yoga has become part of many people’s life. Some do it regularly and religiously, and others do it once in a while. Either way, yoga has a lot of benefits that it would be hard to count them. Yoga is beneficial for pregnant women. Just like routinely visiting an ultrasound baby scan clinic helps, check the baby’s health, doing yoga routinely during pregnancy can keep your health in check. Here are 5 simple poses of yoga that will help cleanse your body and mind.


You should always start your yoga routine with meditation. It not only helps with concentration, but it also sets the mood and relaxes your muscles to make it easy for you to do yoga. Sit in any comfortable position you like and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. This will help in relaxing your muscles. It will also help you long term as one of the major parts of birth and labor is learning how to relax muscles.

Wild child’s pose

Start by kneeling on the floor. Then gradually sit down while keeping your butt on your heels and top of the feet against the floor. Then pull your knees wider than hip-width apart. Slowly bring your chest towards the mat, bringing your body between your legs. Touch your forehead to the mat and extend your arms over your head. This will help take the pressure of your growing belly and relieve you from back pain.

Wild seated forward fold

Sit with legs extended straight before you. Spread legs wide, similar to a straddle, however, don’t push yourself too much to force your legs apart. With a level back, lean chest toward the ground and place lower arms on the ground before you, feeling the stretch in your hips. This will stretch the muscles of your hips and give you relief from lower back pain.

Cat- cow

Start with table pose. Inhale and look up by bending your back. Then exhale slowly along with rounding your spine and curling inward to look towards your navel. You should focus on your breathing more by doing it slowly. This pose stretches almost every muscle of your body especially, spine, neck, hips abdomen and back.

Legs up the wall pose

During pregnancy, your feet start swelling, and you also find difficulty lying down fully on your back. This pose will give you relief to your aching feet along with hamstring and your lower back. Just like the name suggests lie, down near a wall facing upward and raise your legs straight. Keep your legs on the wall at such an angle so that you can find your balance.

If you are wondering whether you can do yoga during your whole pregnancy then yes there is no harm in it.

6 Amazing Gifts For Expecting Dads This Father’s Day

Everyone makes a big deal about mother’s day. What people forget is that fathers are genius heroes too. Albeit silently, sometimes from far, a father’s support goes a long way for a child. So this father’s day, if you are expecting a child start a ritual of celebrating father’s day by gifting your partner that will make him feel closer to your unborn child as well.

1. Framed 4D baby scan photo

As much as seeing your baby on the screen can be rewarding, wouldn’t it be great if you could frame it as well? In 4D baby scans, you can get a printed photo of your scans and sometimes a movie recording too. Frame the photo and gift it to him. Your husband would be more than pleased.

2. Matching dad t-shirt and baby onesies

You can gift him a t-shirt with dad quotes and matching baby onesies. If you want to join in the fun, you can buy a matching t-shirt with mom quotes for yourself too. Even if your baby hasn’t been born yet, this will certainly make him more excited.

3. Surprise gender reveal party

If your partner like parties why not make it a party that will be remembered for a long time to come. Visit a gender scan clinic without your husband’s knowledge. Once you know the gender, plan a surprise father’s day party where you can reveal the gender of your baby.

4. A manual on fatherhood

If your partner has a good sense of humor, this idea will be fabulous. Even though they might not share their feelings all the time it is a guaranteed fact that your husband might be freaking out as much as you are. Buy some fatherhood guides and manuals. It can both be informative and humorous.

5. A camera

Does your husband likes photography? A camera would be a perfect gift to give him. He might want to take photos throughout your pregnancy and also once the baby arrives during childbirth.

6. Dad mugs

This gift will go well for those who like to drink tea and coffee a lot. He will be able to use it again and again. Also, once the baby arrives he might have to drink tea all through the night. So why not enjoy his tea from a cool daddy cup?

As much appreciation your partner shows you during pregnancy, you can return the same, by planning something grand to wish him a happy father’s day.