Important Facts To Know About Gender Scan Clinic In Leicester

Pregnancy is the beginning of an exciting journey for both you and your entire family. Every member would be curious to know whether it’s going to be a Baby Pink or Baby Blue. It becomes easy for the mothers to be prepare herself for the arrival. Leicester gender scan clinics provide gender accuracy up to 99% with its expertise and well-trained staffs. Still, the accuracy of the ultrasound depends on several factors.

If you want to get accurate gender confirmation, you can visit a gender scan clinic only after the 16th week of your pregnancy. This is when the baby’s genitals are fully formed and is visible on the scan. Even though it might differ a bit from case to case mostly, it is more accurate after the 20th week of pregnancy.

The position of the baby helps to get a better view of gender. If the baby is in the right position, it does not take more than 5 minutes to check the sex. If it is not, then the mother is asked to take a small stroll to keep the fetus moving and then rescan. In the case of twins or triplets, babies could hide their siblings making it difficult to determine each baby’s sex.

Fetus determination becomes difficult in case of an obese or overweight mother. The additional weight makes it difficult to get a clear image of the baby. Other factors might be considered if the patient is suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or any other illness, and size of the uterus.

The accuracy of the ultra scan increases as gestational age advances and the result varies on a case to case basis. Leicester gender scan clinics continue to make the dream come true of future parents through a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment.

Getting a gender scan will definitely create a special bond with your little one who is not born yet. It is always a delight to watch the small moves and other cute little activities that your baby might do inside the womb.

So, you can easily make it the most precious moment of a parent-child relationship by visiting the gender scan clinic in Leicester.

Other than the fact that it will help you bond with the baby you can also start your preparation of the baby’s room or start buying things for him or her without any delay. So, visit a gender scan clinic today.

Avoid The Threat Of Preeclampsia With The Help Of These Ways

There are many types of complications and problems that come along with pregnancy that can be mostly detected with the help of a baby scan clinic. But why even let that problem occur if you can prevent it beforehand. One such complication is preeclampsia. This is a very serious disorder for the pregnant mother. It is related to the blood pressure so it can damage some important organs, including, brain, kidney, and liver. Granted you can not always stop any complications from ever occurring but you can certainly take some measures.

The best way is to keep a close eye on the development of the baby. Schedule your prenatal visits in a reputed baby scan clinic and don’t miss any of the doctor’s appointments. Your doctor will check your blood pressure and any other signs of preeclampsia. Throughout your pregnancy, your doctor will check:

  • Your blood pressure
  • Your blood
  • Levels of protein in your urine
  • How your baby is growing and gaining weight

Track your weight and blood pressure. Be sure to tell your doctor at your first appointment, if you had high blood pressure before you were pregnant. Keep a close track of your weight and blood pressure as recommended by your doctor.

Blood pressure is the main cause of preeclampsia. To help ease your blood pressure, your doctor may recommend taking extra calcium or aspirin, or lying on your left side when you rest. Maintain a healthy diet to lower blood pressure. Less intake of salty foods and potassium-rich foods are advised by doctors. Fresh food, mostly leafy ones are very good for the overall health of a pregnant woman at this stage. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration and fatigue. Avoid caffeine or alcohol consumption.

Doctors and researchers say that maintaining healthy body weight is very important for a mother to be. By taking the right amount of nutrients and exercise, they can maintain the same. BMI should remain within 19-25 in order to avoid this situation. It will definitely lower the chances of any complexities during pregnancy.

Regular exercise is extremely beneficiary for a pregnant woman. It will help to keep the body healthy and will prevent from gaining extra weight. So, moderate exercise is always advisable during pregnancy.

Regularly visit the doctor for follow-up checkups. Keep track of both the baby’s and your health with the help of a baby scan clinic. This helps to reduce the tendency of developing Preeclampsia.

Natural Ways To Induce Labor If You Are Late

Labor is one of the overwhelming and painful experiences in the pregnancy. You get to prepare for that day throughout your pregnancy. But even then you might feel both nervous and excited on this day. Nowadays, baby scan clinics have become very advanced to detect the exact date of delivery. But sometimes for some pregnancy complications, your due date can delay than predicted. Here we have mentioned some natural ways that can help induce labor.

Long walk

When you walk, it makes you stay upright, which helps in pushing your baby towards the cervix. It also helps in correcting your baby’s position. If you are already having contraction but not in labor yet, walking will induce your labor more quickly. Also, walking eases the pain felt during contractions.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

It is a type of herbal tea that helps induce labor and is high in vitamins, minerals, and tannins. It helps tone the muscles of your womb inducing labor naturally. However, too much intake of raspberry leaf tea can induce heavy contraction pain. Also, it is recommended not to start drinking this tea suddenly, if you are late. It is better to start drinking this tea when you are 32 weeks pregnant, at first 1 time a day and then gradually 3 times a day. This helps your body adjust to the side effects of this tea. Also, there are some conditions in which you should not drink this tea. If you had a cesarean delivery before or you are going to have cesarean due to some pregnancy complications, have high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia, giving multiple births, etc it is best not to drink this tea.


A few specialists suggest that acupressure massage can induce labor. But it is important that if you are applying acupressure, you should consult your specialist first and get well guidance over what to do and where to apply pressure, even then it is best to not do it yourself. Even if acupressure doesn’t work to induce labor, it is still a great way to ease the pain of contractions and relaxes your muscles.


Also known as Needle therapy, it is a treatment that includes a specialist pinpointing some pressure points using needles. It helps to control and manage the pain and help you unwind. There is some logical proof that recommends needle therapy can prompt labor normally. Acupuncture is safe for pregnant women but it is better to consult your midwife before. If you would like to attempt it, ensure your acupuncturist is completely qualified and that they use disposable needles at each treatment session.

Although being late is nothing to be worried about but if you are late by a week or more, you can visit your baby scan clinic in Leicester to know more about your situation. If the doctor recommends, you can use these methods to induce labor.

How To Connect With Your Unborn Child During Pregnancy

The journey of a woman’s pregnancy is truly a miracle. From the day a mother-to-be visits the Ultrasound baby scan clinic to the day she gives birth, it is a really long journey. There are always a lot of problems and complications a pregnant woman faces. But all this tends to go away when you listen to your baby’s heartbeat for the first time or see your baby for the first time in your ultrasound scan. It is always good to connect with your child at every trimester in various ways.

Massage Bump:

One of the relaxing ways to bond with your baby is to very gently massage your bump. But it would be best to start doing this after three months of pregnancy. There are some essential oils that you can massage with, which are safe to use during pregnancy. This can be soothing for both the mother and the baby.

Singing And Talking:

Towards the end of the second trimester, your baby will be developed enough to hear the outside noises from your womb. During this time you can bond with your baby by singing and talking to him. This will also help your baby to get attached to you quickly after he/she is born. You can also play soothing music while relaxing and your baby might respond to it.

Respond To Baby’s Kicks:

There is nothing more joyous than feeling your baby kick for the first time. You can always respond back by gently pushing back on your baby bump. Even if you only feel him/her move around you can always nudge and wait to see if he kicks back.

Let Your Partner Bond With The Baby:

The easiest way to let your partner bond with the child is to involve them during your ultrasound baby scan. Seeing the baby and listening to the child’s heartbeat can make them feel connected to the baby. Share your experience of your baby’s first kick with your partner. Encourage him to talk and read to the baby, so that the baby can recognize his voice too.

Help The Older Sibling Connect With The Baby:

It is very important that your toddler does not feel neglected during pregnancy or feel jealous of your baby. The best way is to talk to your child and make him understand about the new addition to the family. Involve him in mundane activities regarding the baby. By doing this he will feel protective towards the baby.

Other than these, you can always find other ways to connect to the baby by doing pregnancy yoga, going for a walk, swimming, etc. Pick the ones that relaxes you the most and have a great pregnancy ahead.

5 Daily Life Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths regarding pregnancy. The rules and regulations that used to work for the previous generation almost doesn’t work anymore in this 21st century. For example, one such myth is ultrasound scans. Some women think that it is harmful to the baby, which is a total myth. It is okay to take advantage of ultrasound baby scanning services for your baby. But having said that there are things that you should avoid during pregnancy and they are not a myth.

Cats Litters

Are you a cat lover? Sorry to say but, you won’t be able to keep a cat in your company for the next nine months. Toxoplasmosis is a dangerous parasite that can cause miscarriage or stillbirth and cat litters are filled with them. If you must share the same place, take extra caution to handle cat litters.

Radiological Tests

Next high on the list is any kind of radiological tests like X-ray, MRI, CT scan which particularly uses radiations. These radiations are very harmful to the baby. Although MRI is not that harmful in the first trimester, in the next trimesters it can be deadly risky. Any kind of x-ray, especially of the abdomen, should not be done at any cost, without a deatiled consultation with a doctor first.

Hair Dye

Beauty products is something that always have a special place in every woman’s life. One such product which is used by 8 out of 10 women is hair dye. If the hair dye is organic then it’s not so risky but if it is filled with highly toxic chemicals, you might want to steer clear of it until your first trimester is over.

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub

Any kind of extreme temperature is never good for the baby, be it too hot or too cold. When you are in a sauna or jacuzzi your body start getting heated up pretty quickly. At the same time, you can not cool down by sweating which makes the body temperature rise. This sudden rise of temperature can lead to miscarriage usually in the first 12 weeks.

Certain Exercises

While it is common knowledge that doing regular exercises is very healthy for pregnant women, usually prescribed by doctors, but some are not appropriate. Exercises or jumping that may cause falling or slipping are not recommended during pregnancy. Abdominal exercises and the ones that need you to be lying for a long time are also cautioned against. This can pull your muscles in damaging ways.

If you are pregnant then it is best to educate yourself on what is harmful and what is good for you and your baby.